Where to get: organic herbs and vegetables in Pakistan? (Aka. Where to find Kale in Karachi)

Sungold Organic


In their own words: “Sungold Organic Vegitable (sic) come from a six acre farm, located in the Qasim Town Limits, mid way between the National and Super Highway” Interestingly they also have a relatively wide selection of herbs, usually tricky to find (though admittedly easy to grow, if you’re into that sort of thing) including oregano (and Kale too! :).

Link: Sungold Organic

Nadoz Greenz


“Nadoz Greenz grows a wide selection of organic herbs, salads & veggies and is committed to use sustainable growing practices like imported seeds, water management, no use of fertilizers & preservatives.“. Nadoz has an impressive variety of herbs, even if a tad pricy. Currently not much is in season sadly. Also available at Hyperstar in Lahore.

I haven’t much luck trying to get back to me to actually deliver the stuff I wanted. I suspect if I chase them some more they will eventually cave in though :)

Link: Nadoz Greenz

Margalla Mushroom


They aren’t organic, but at least they aren’t tinned, or those tasteless Gulf Mushrooms. Supply seems to vary wildly through the year.

Link: Margalla Mushroom



Have a relatively large – though varying – supply of vegetables and various meats. Mostly imported stuff, though they also stock local fresh Pakistani mushrooms and other seasonal vegetables. Have a selection of imported cheeses too.

Link: Farmigo Lahore Tel: +92 334 992 2339

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