Where do I get: Qurut/Kashk

What I’ve tried so far:

Semi-random dry fruit vendor in Quetta

Quetta (but deliver nationally)

(Qurut = Quroot = Kashk)

Our quroot sourced from Quetta

Quroot (Kashk or Quroot) is a reconstituted dairy product. It was traditionally a by-product of butter made from sheep or goat milk. The residual buttermilk remaining after churning of the butter is soured further by keeping it at room temperature for a few days, treated with salt, and then boiled. The precipitated casein is filtered through cheesecloth, pressed to remove liquid, and shaped into balls. The product is thus a very sour cottage cheese. Quroot is hard and can be eaten raw. It is typically served with cooked Afghan/Persian dishes such as Ashak, Mantu, and Qeshla.

Phatans call this Quroot whilst the more persian-ized name is Kaskh (and is a major part of my favourtie-est Persian starter, kashk-e-badamjan).

Score: 810

Link: Naseem Ahmed Traders

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