Where do I get: Milk & Dairy

What I’ve tried so far:

Safe Milk


Milk without yield boosting hormonal injections that are otherwise used at dairy farms. Tastes delicious and very creamy - if a little too sweet (buffalo milk at least), I suspect this is because the cattle get a lot of ‘concentrate’ feed, which is usually made up of sugars. As usual isn’t certified organic afaik, but still better than nothing.

Also carry ghee and butter for sale, which I haven’t tried yet.

Score: 810

Link: Safe Milk Pakistan Tel: +92 345 245 3532

Naimat Naturals


I ordered cow’s milk and buffalo milk. They were very efficent - milk was delivered as promised and on time. I was dissapointed that they delivered in a non-food grade plastic bags as far as I could tell (I couldn’t find any food grade markings on the bags).

The cow’s milk was was ok, and undistinguished. The bufflo milk was very watery, and both types appeared to have had the cream skimmed off.

Score: 610

Link: Naimat Naturals Tel: +92 321 887 3952

To be reviewed:



Carry organic milk I hear, and a bunch of other whole food / organic groceries. Unfortunately their coffee is a bit dissapointing (that is the only thing I’ve had there).

Link: N’eco’s Tel: +92 21 358 44528

Zackys Farm


Milk, butter, cheese and vegetables. Update: Now only veggies (they have apparently stopped selling milk)

Link: Zackys Farm Tel: +92 323 877 0777

Just Milk


Milk, butter, ghee and colostrum.

Link: Just Milk Tel: +92 320 515 2003

Eva Organic Farm


Milk, other produce (including mangoes!)

Link: Eva Organic Tel: +92 312 336 5444

Mr Milk


Cow, buffalo and goat’s milk. Side note: I haven’t tried their milk, but they claim they are USDA Organic certified, yet don’t seem to show up on the registry, so YMMV.

Link: Mr Milk Tel: +92 336 218 5984

Khaalis Milk


Sell a cow / buffalo milk mix.

Link: Khaalis Milk Tel: +92 300 054 4730


Artisan Cheese Factory


Produce a selection of cheeses in Lahore and do delivery.

Mozzarella: 250g/Rs430 Halloumi: 150g/Rs300 Cream cheese: 150g/Rs250 Mascarpone: 150g/Rs350 Burrata: 100g/Rs300 Ricotta: 150g/Rs250 Feta: 100g/Rs300

Link: Artisan Cheese Factory Tel: +92 300 490 7939

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