Where do I get: High gluten flour in Pakistan

There are now a number of millers for organic wholewheat flour in Pakistan (locally known as atta), and given the simplicity of the process it is relatively uncomplicated to get milled to order at a local chakki, which are never too far away. Incidentally one of the coolest things about living in Pakistan – getting freshly milled wholewheat flour is entirely uncomplicated.

However, if you’re looking for white flour, particularly high gluten flour for baking, things are a lot more complicated and, as far as I know, there are no flour mills that do organic white flour. In fact, its hard enough finding high gluten flour at all, as it isn’t traditionally used in South Asian cuisine. Our local varieties of flour our usually soft (vs hard flour that is used for baking bread).

Alpha Supermarket


Alpha have deal with the UK supermarket group Tesco to market their products here in Pakistan. Tesco’s baking flour is one of the things they stock. Look for, for example Tesco Organic Strong White Flour, which is what I got (but any strong flour should do nicely).

Link: Alpha Supermarket Tel: +92 21 3514 0980

Al Ahmed Flour


Mill a variety of different flours including the Premium Bakers Flour:

  • Protein:11.00% Min
  • Moisture :14% Max
  • Total Ash: 0.50% Max
  • Gluten (Wet): 30% Min
  • Packing: 50kg

Link: Al Ahmed Flour

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